Graphic Design is an experience, is creating a moment, a story for someone to remember. To think that you can ignite the flame of an experience inside a persons heart through an image is what made me start in this industry/art. I'm passioned about what I do and curious of what I can do in every challenge that comes to my hands.


I first got the concept of graphic design in my last year of high school from my dad, and it just hit me and I knew that this was what I wanted all along. As almost everybody in this field I loved drawing since ever and all my notebooks at school where full of drawings instead of homework...but I turned out OK... as I went through high school I was thinking of studding architecture, but I wasn't sure about that choice, cause all the straight lines and rules, I needed something with more freedom, till one the my dad call me to his office and just asked me "what do you think of graphic design?" I didn't even answer, there was an explosion on my head, leave the office and went almost mad researching about graphic design, since then I haven't stop learning and finding new things that amazed me and still a lot to go.


This is my passion, my life, let me show you.

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